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The software solution for your 3G control in the workplace

Covid status of receipt
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Unsere Mission

Our FastPass mission is clear:
3G in the workplace is handled digitally and smoothly.

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Get started

Your company becomes a SafePlace in 7 steps.

1.  After the offer has been signed, a cooperation agreement, a service level agreement (SLA) and an order processing contract (GCU) will be signed between you and FasTest.

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Demo Account

Make your company a safe place.

FastPass enables a simple and unbureaucratic solution for checking the 3G status
of your workforce - without any mess of paper, handwritten lists or email chaos.

Get the 14-day demo version and test our software solution: in just a few steps employees can upload their certificates, while selected administrators can call up a real-time overview of their green or red status - with minimal effort for all parties involved and in compliance with the GDPR. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Independent maintenance of the COVID status of employees: inside 

GDPR compliant

Implementation of statutory COVID regulations with minimal effort in practice

Status check of your staff
by company-appointed administrators

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Download & contact

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Thank you very much!

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