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The software solution for your 3G control in the workplace

This web-based software enables your company to put the legally required COVID regulations into practice with minimal effort and to get an overview of the status of all employees. Paper chaos and Excel lists are a thing of the past.

The current COVID status is provided by employees
self-maintained, while the administrators: inside the

legally relevant information at a glance
can hen. The software solution corresponds to the current one

Standards of the Data Protection Act (EU GDPR) and is from
available immediately.

FasTest, one of the largest private providers of CO-
VID tests and B2B services in the field of

Fight against SARS-CoV-2, expanded with FastPass

Portfolio around an important solution at the right time

And this is how FastPass works:

Our FastPass mission is clear:

3G in the workplace is handled digitally and smoothly.

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